Monday, October 19, 2015

Church Builders of Gaffney, SC

TOG has been inactive as of late. I think sometimes we go through dry periods of not knowing what to do and maybe feeling even a bit discouraged. Then suddenly, God shakes your shoulder gently to pay attention to what he might have in front of you: Church Builders of Gaffney, SC.

Church Builders of Gaffney, SC  is being led by a young man named Michael McLeymore. He says,  "As a pastor it is my goal to seek and save the lost by showing them the love of Christ. Which is why our ministry goes into the darkest places of the city. We stand before gang members, addicts, thieves and murderers and proclaim the love of Jesus. I've seen rival gang members end the rivalry, I've seen addicts set free and I've seen people planning to kill, forgive. Our goal is to end addiction and hunger in Cherokee county SC."

TOG is lending support, encouragement, and prayers to the Church Builders mission. The organization has an 8,500 sq ft building that will serve as their housing and rehab facility. It will house 20 people and additionally will help feed the community. Church Builders is located at 3005 old Georgia hwy Gaffney SC. For anyone who is reading this, if you can offer a donation of food, clothing, or funds, please let know. We will get your contributions to Church Builders. If you can't donate, please pray. There are so many people in our world that need the love and forgiveness of Christ. We all need your prayers of encouragement!      See:

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