Thursday, November 20, 2014

Expansion of work in Lira, Uganda

We have five women groups now and each group has between 20 to 30 members of varying ages but our main focus is empowering those below 35 years old. Those whom have have been trained are now earning from the skills they acquired, you will find attached pictures of one of our trainee now n business. The main challenge is that our trainee do not have capital to start engaging in business with the skills they acquired though I have already designed a Village Savings and Loan Association plan for them. I am looking at empowering the women with home banking skills, group savings and members loan scheme to help promote the group members. Some of the young women in Kamdini town suburbs are interested in Information and Communication Technology (training in computer skills), Designing table cloth, knitting sweaters, I think these are training needs we can consider in future. If we could get some funds, we could do three more training in the coming month of Dec. 2014. We will continue liquid soap production training, and bakery (home baking) training. Thank you, may the almighty God bless you. James