Friday, August 15, 2014

Healing Hearts

A child is abused, a child is taken from their home, a child is alone and frightened. The child is placed in a temporary home without anything of comfort and familiarity… “Healing Hearts” is a program that has initiated for new children entering foster care in Cherokee County. Stephanie Freeman, her parents Edward and Robin, who have adopted her, are overseeing the project of providing new pillows and pillow cases personalized with the child’s initials to be given to youngsters as they go to their new temporary homes. Stephanie, who has been a child of foster care, explains, “As a little girl I lived with my mother who was very abusive. Sometimes she would hit me, yell, and cuss at me for no reason. My mother treated me like an adult rather than a child. One day I was at daycare and a woman came in and told me it was time to go. I didn't know her, but I figured that she would take me home like all the other strangers did. Instead of going home I went to a place called DSS. I never got the chance to go home first. I couldn’t get any of my toys or clothes! As I went in to the system I was so scared because I had NO ONE. I went to the children's home and stayed for two weeks, and then I was moved to my first foster home for three months and then moved to my second foster home. After being moved all this time I honestly felt like I wasn't wanted! Not too long after living with this family, a very special lady brought me a doll. I named her Dolly and she was the only thing that no one could take away. The feeling of that assurance was wonderful! Finally, I had this one thing I could claim was all mine. And…after four long years these loving people adopted me!” Children taken even from an abusive family need assurance and a measure of control. Because we can’t provide a gender-based item, such as “Dolly”, we thought that a pillow, identified as personally belonging to them, would give these youngsters comfort and a sense of ownership. Please donate a pillow and white cotton pillow case to 160 Sarratt School Rd. Gaffney, SC 29341